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Yes God cares His word says "Fear not for I have redeemed thee I have called you by my name thou art mine" That is if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior and invited him into your heart. He says to fear not He will protect you and your family. And even if there is a war He is greater than any war and He has the power to keep you from any harm. So put your trust in Him not circumstances. He will lead and guide you, give you wisdom, knowledge , and strength to endure anything that comes against you and your family. The Bible says that He will enable us to endure to the very end of the world. We will pray that God will put His shield of protection around you and your family and that no harm will come near your door. Pray and read His word and talk to Him and get to know Him and as you get to know Him you will learn to trust Him. Be obedient to His word. If you are not already involved in a local church find one you fit into. God bless you and your family.
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