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Originally Posted by Ann View Post
ILJ has meant a lot to me for a lot of years. Now it seems like maybe I am trying to keep something propped up that is really gone already. I don't want to feel that way and I'd love for it to continue and mean something to someone but can it? What are your thoughts? What ideas do you have for it if you do want to continue?
Hi Ann!

Just saw this. I know I have not come back to ILJ Boards v often, and I don't know why I thought of doing so with the prayer request I just posted, but I wanted to let you know my sentiments likewise that it has meant a lot to me as well and I have really appreciated your prayers and fellowship over the seas in my younger years. It was such a comfort and pleasant surprise to come back today and still be able to log in and post. Thank you so much for all your faithfulness to the Lord all these years, He sees your heart.
In His love
~Jesus' Lil Lamb~
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