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Paulo 01-30-18 05:55 PM

Biblical Case for Abortion?
In the Law we are told the penalty for incest is death.

Part of the thinking of this is the genetic reasons which cause the baby to come out different.

In a case where a father rapes his 14 year old daughter, abortion must be an option.

This is why I am voting to decriminalise abortion in the upcoming referendum in Ireland.

Paulo 01-30-18 10:35 PM

See also the possibility of prosecuting women for abortions re 'He without sin cast the first stone'.

MERCY not suffering.

Paulo 01-30-18 10:35 PM


Paulo 01-30-18 10:35 PM


Paulo 01-30-18 10:36 PM


Paulo 01-30-18 10:39 PM

In mercy there is hope

Paulo 01-30-18 10:40 PM

In mercy there is prayer

Paulo 01-30-18 10:40 PM

In mercy there is love

Ann 01-31-18 06:07 PM

There is no Biblical case for abortion. Quite the opposite Gods word makes it clear that the unborn baby in the womb is precious to Him and recognized by Him as a living person Jeremiah 1:5 - “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. “ Psalm 139:13 - “For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb.” The penalty for causing the death of an unborn baby is the same as for murdering a person who has already been born Exodus 21:22-23 The situation you mention is very bad and very sad but making the daughter a party to murdering her own child will not make it better. Abortion is not a thing from which a woman can just walk away unaffected There are serious biochemical changes similar but often more severe than when a woman miscarries. There are also serious psychological affects which often last for years as well as spiritual effects. A study published the September 1 issue of British Journal of Psychiatry says a woman who has had an abortion has an 81% greater risk of developing mental health problems, This is consistent with data from other studies over a more than 50 year period. Like many so called easy solutions the cure is worse than the problem. And then there is God's judgement if there is not repentance for the sin of murdering the unborn child.

You speak of love and honestly I can not understand how an abortion can be motivated by real love. People do not destroy what they love. But God does love those who have had abortions and those who performed them As with every sin there is cleansing and forgiveness in the blood of Jesus Christ

Paulo 01-31-18 10:41 PM

I don't want to argue with you, I'm not disagreeing with you.

Ann 01-31-18 10:44 PM

Not arguing just stating
Thou shalt not kill is a big thing with God

Paulo 01-31-18 11:29 PM

I know. And yet in the Law, we kill.

Paulo 01-31-18 11:37 PM

When I was high once on an overdose in a suicide attempt, I was ranting to my friend Yessica Marks about how I was going to destroy the Law and replace it with the Law of Love.

I had about 38 missed calls from her when I finally came to. She's a very good friend.

Ann 02-03-18 05:36 PM

Glad u have a good friend

Ann 02-03-18 05:41 PM

It is not hate or wrong to preserve life.
It is very wrong to condem a baby to death because of the wrong of a parent.

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