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BeingHeldByGod 09-11-04 03:25 AM

OK, I know that i siad im weird, but....
I have a feeling that i might be a lil bit too weird....

I mean, basically, whatever is on my mind, i will say it, or do it or whatever...


Me and my friend were sitting down, and out of no where, i just went....

"Dude, you wanna see the weirdest thing ever!!!"

Sooooo, i just stuck my finger in my mouth, and gave myself a wet willy, and im like...

"Weird huh??" *It felt pretty interesting!!! wink wink...JK*

But ya, what can i say....

Im weird!!!!

Deepak 09-11-04 08:46 AM

well ur not de only one weird!!!! hahahahahaaha

Deepak 09-11-04 08:47 AM

even somtimes i m weird!!!!!!!

Juliet 09-11-04 09:42 AM

Eeeeewwww. have come to the right place. In here sillines reigns supreme :jester: (even though some guy in flannel thinks he does).

InvisaChick 09-11-04 09:24 PM

That's just....ummm....odd.

Kittycat 09-11-04 10:02 PM





Flannel Avenger 09-11-04 10:24 PM

I Reign Supreme!

Bwa Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Juliet 09-12-04 03:12 PM

That's it Flannel. Just keep dreaming. :p

BeingHeldByGod 09-12-04 04:33 PM

Yes, i know, wat i said was a bit, 2 weird, maybe even disgusting, but who knows...

Do you guys have ever have retard moments? i do, its great, in a way ^^

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