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Ann 12-06-17 12:45 AM


Paulo 12-06-17 10:54 AM

Hiya! :)

Paulo 12-06-17 09:52 PM

come on Ann! work with me, not against me. did you read Ben Sirach yet?

Ann 12-06-17 10:16 PM

Just barely have had net access think it is about fixed Access on computer limited and had to replace phone after struggling weeks. It was new but malfunctioning. Well try to check that out this week

Paulo 12-07-17 03:08 AM

if you get there and you find contradictions, run em by me, maybe i can explain them?

Ann 12-07-17 11:40 PM

But in what way is :wave: working against you?

Paulo 12-11-17 09:19 PM


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