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09-24-02, 01:00 AM
(Background for those who want it... i am the type of person who writes waht comes to my mind when i am mad frustrated or just feel like writing, and this is what came out on paper and now to you online--Cora)

in my own mind
things are racing by
me so fast that i canít
really see. all that
goes on right next
to me. visions of
joy, visions of
depression all
at once inside
of me. only can
this dream be
reality. not for
all just for me.
my mind just spiraling
spiraling down onward
farther making a bottomless
pit. only my eyes canít see the
top only darkness surrounds
me. no one can stop me
because no one can hear
my pleas for help my sanity
gone wasted about. no
one knows what they
will uncover underneath
my mask, but honestly
does anyone really care.
would someone or anyone
really notice iím gone will
anyone really care if i just
didnít show up.
not a soul cares
not a soul wants to
know, whatís gong on
inside of me. no one
notices my feelings or
even that iím truly a
person. ignored alone
silent here looking
around watching
waitingÖ waitingÖ
looking around. crying
out for help and wanting
to feel loved and special
but only alone
alone and around
the world silence still
hurts never again will
my silence be found or heard
never, never only one last
time will my cry be heard
no one listens, no one cares
loneliness takes over
sadness and depression
all that i can see
waiting in silence
crying in pain.


09-24-02, 11:37 PM
Awesome. I liked it. Have had those same thoughts in my own head many times before.