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09-21-02, 07:39 AM
I am a moderator at another board and I have some stuff there that I jotted down. I would like to share them with you.

Do you know what a mod nazi is? :devil:

09-21-02, 07:50 AM
Little ol' Possum
sitting in my trash can
Little ol' Possum
Scared the poop out of Dan

Little ol' Possum
looking up at me
As if to say
Could you please set me free

Little ol' Possum
if you only knew
just how much I dilike
Possum stew

Little ol' possum
would then
Breathe a sigh of relief
because he'd knew he'd win

Little ol' Possum
because of you
I blamed my kitties
for which they do not do

Little ol' Possum
dont let me see
You looking up again
at me

Little ol' Possum
be wary of what you do
Because momma is buying
Joel a .22

09-21-02, 07:55 AM
raw and intense

cravings are immense

What is the purpose to this?
What is the meaning
The answer lies waiting

I forgot to eat my breakfast!

09-21-02, 07:59 AM
Sadness pours through my soul from a hole in a broken sieve..........

Just one of those days I guess
when love matters not
and the sun disappears........

When the clouds appear....
and angel wings sweep across the sky.......
a thousand tears fill my eye............

I talk but you dont listen.......
I speak but you dont hear.............
So what is the point in talking...........

You say Im special......
but that is not what I hear..
You say that to others.........
Oh yes it is all too clear.......

09-21-02, 08:01 AM
The game is old or so Im told
but I'll be bold and say we never will part

for I am me and you are you and you will always be my heart.

09-21-02, 08:04 AM
watching Ed Sullivan at night
before Michael Jackson became light
when Donny was the rave
even though Marie was my fave.

Lyin on my back in the cold green grass
feeling ants bite me on my ass
watching stars blink and twinkle
getting up in the night to go and tinkle

taking naps when I didnt wanna
get you get you Im gonna
use to be my favorite game
even though I cant remember it's name

tv was then black and white
mom and dad were always right
people looked after each other
cuz he aint heavy he's my brother

Seeing the first man on the moon
JFK and Martin died too soon
growing up was all I could dream
now I wanna go back it seems

Now I have kids of my own
who are almost grown
all I can dream for them
is to have good memories too of way back when............

09-21-02, 08:06 AM
I had to do it
Although I didnt want to
The very last thing I wanted
was to hurt you.

You had to know the truth
it was the only way
for you to begin to hear
what she had to say

You need to know
you had to feel
You knew it was gone
you knew it wasnt real

I couldnt go on
I couldnt stand to feel this way
when all I had to do
was to make you hear what we say

You may hate me
I dont mind
they say that
Love must be cruel to be kind

So dont leave us
wondering why
You couldnt bear
for us to see you cry

You are only human
and time will eventually heal
your broken heart
that allowed you to feel

So take your time
in mending fences
broken hearts
are full of senses

Broken wings
take time to mend
until they learn
to fly again

:wah: :wah:

09-21-02, 08:08 AM
Where are you?
Where can you be?
Why cant I find you
Why cant I see

Ok so it didnt work
No freaking big deal
you knew it wouldnt last
It was not even real

How could you have known
how could it be
that you couldnt
even see

The truth eventually
comes out
but did you have to do it
with a shout

so let me know
let me find you
Love is kind
love is true

09-21-02, 08:10 AM
Now I know where you are
You tried to catch
a falling star

You tried something
that didnt work
I wish I could hate you
You big ol jerk

But when you come home
You will find
You will never have to roam

Cuz with us
you'll wanna stay
because we will let you play

09-21-02, 08:12 AM
got on late tonight
thinking I'd find you here
I was feeling kinda tired
and thinking none too clear

fantasy evolves us
sending us through the paces
wondering about the heartaches
never seeing the faces

dreams become reality
only when the heart is truly alive
when I think of you
my heart takes a dive

living in the moment
gets us only so far.
dreams and reality
are what Makes you my

China Star.

09-21-02, 08:15 AM
There are some wonderful poets at this place. If you would like to check them out please visit:


I hope that works.

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Ooops. Our forum moved last night so that link wont work.

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that one doesn't work for me either

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It works for me! :)

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well..now it works for me too - but it didn't the first time I tried it..weird

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Well like I said........we moved and we are still having glitchey problems, Be sure to visit my forum.

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Poor Old Martin............we had major problems with the move but I think he got it all sorted out.