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09-15-02, 11:57 AM

09-16-02, 09:01 AM
I'm not meaning to act all spiritual or nothing and I'm sure 'Angel
_of_god' doesn't realise it but that this site encourages homosexuality and i believe this is against God. THat's what the bible says anyway

i went on the site to check it out and found stuff that didn't support God. An example I'll give is when a guy wirtes in saying he had a homosexual experience with the most popular guy in school but he doesn't know how to ask the guy if he is gay.
This is the advice given...direct quote.

- It is not too far fetched that this guy may be gay if you have had a sexual experience with him.
- The time to ask would be when the experience is going on.
- You can ask him any other time, though, as long as it seems to be the right time.
- Developing a relationship is important, whether you are gay or straight.

I'm not meaning anything by this or anything against Angel oF God i am just warning people not to go on that site and don't take any advice from it. It just makes me mad.