View Full Version : Modern Day Psalms #154

08-28-02, 08:57 AM
I awake in the morning
and give thanks to God above
for all that He is and all that He does.

I dress, wake the kids,
get them ready and on the bus.
Then I stop to thank God
that there wasn't much fuss.

I do my daily duties
laundry, dishes, vacuuming.
I make a couple of phone calls
while I straighten everything.

I give praises to the Lord
for all that He's provided.
May His love flow through my family
and my house not be divided.

I take some time to spend with Him
studying His Word.
I pray all day as I work
knowing that He's heard.

The kids come home from school now
and it's almost dinnertime.
We wash up and do homework
and give thanks before we dine.

We get into our P.J.'s
and read some Bible stories.
We share events of our day
and forget our cares and worries.

Prayers are said
on bended knees
as we prepare to sleep.

I look back
and count my blessings.
I begin to weep.

God you are so good to me!
I thank you for this day.
Please help me to serve you
in each and every way.

08-28-02, 04:56 PM
like it - describes those simpley - yet amazing - blessings in life :)