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08-28-02, 01:25 AM
What am I?

I keep you in a state of regression
I keep you guessing and filled with aggression

I destroy any ability of self-expression
I will steal life itself from your possession

I force you to endure session after session,
As I become an unnatural obsession
Soon it will be too late for suppression
So you might as well make the concession
and let me become your profession

Forget what I am, how do you stop me is the question?

08-28-02, 04:39 AM

09-07-02, 12:25 PM
You unforgiveness are subduesd by Jesus blood and by being willing to forgive.

09-07-02, 12:34 PM
I was thinking depression when I wrote it but your answer does fit perfectly! Too bad I hadn't thought of that :(

I seemk to get chronic bouts of depression. Ergo, the poem.