View Full Version : Are we this uncreative?

08-25-02, 02:04 PM
Post post post! :p

08-25-02, 02:05 PM
yes, yes we are

08-25-02, 02:27 PM
How uncreative of you :p

08-25-02, 02:28 PM
I try

08-25-02, 02:29 PM
you should post your number poem Vincent!:D;):)

08-25-02, 02:37 PM
its not done yet. by the time i get to the final version, many moons will have passsed ;)

08-25-02, 02:40 PM
okie dokie;):)

08-25-02, 03:06 PM
here you go Vinnie - I'm going to get semi-creative and do a fun little thing I discovered the other day

ya just go to a search engine and type in "Your Name is" and see what you get

I shall refer to it fondly as "the Search engine poem"

for you we have:

Vinnie is now just another out of work dog
Vinnie is related directly to the mysterious contents of the shoebox.
Vinnie is actually one of the funniest people we have met.
Vinnie is a girl's best friend, period
Vinnie is in the house!
Vinnie - Is he a corporate chameleon?
Vinnie is guilty of trying too hard
Vinnie is hit by a taxi
Vinnie is your own personal desktop servant!
Vinnie is your man!
Vinnie is a fun-loving guy with a mischievous grin, a great checkered cape and lots of embellishments for real ghoulish pizzazz
Vinnie is not the brains at the school
Vinnie is as wild and sleazy as they come
Vinnie is a genius, which he denies.
Vinnie, is alsoa good listener and offers encouragement to others
Vinnie is notorious for "defying explanation."

ok - that should be enough to amuse you!

08-25-02, 03:10 PM

08-25-02, 07:57 PM
What? :confused:

08-25-02, 08:56 PM
Nicole just typed in "Vinnie is" on a search engine and it comes up with all kinds of interesting things;)

you can do it with any name:)

08-25-02, 08:59 PM
:) Do my name Michele!!!! pwease!!!

08-25-02, 09:05 PM
LOL....i will in a bit...i cant use the computer for very long right now;):)

08-25-02, 09:07 PM
take your time!:)

08-25-02, 10:14 PM
here ya go, Kitty Cat!

"Kitty is" came up with......

Book Kitty to perform at your next big bash
Bad Kitty is now here
Kitty Wants A Box
Let's have a race, Kitty!
KITTY LITTER CAKE. ... You don't want it soggy
Kitty has no mouth, but she must scream
Kitty has no mouth, yet she speaks the truth
Kitty has terrific stories for all her friends

that's all i could get so far....you can just go to google and type it in....it comes up with pages of stuff!;):)

08-25-02, 10:24 PM
you didn't like the poem I wrote for you, Vinnie? :wah:'

I tried to be creative..I really did *sniffle*

08-25-02, 10:42 PM
I didn't say I didn't liuke it. I didn't understand how you got it ;)

08-25-02, 10:45 PM
I'm assuming you understand now :)

you should try it - it really is quite funny - especially if it's late at night and you're already slightly insane :)

08-25-02, 11:19 PM
I actually typed "your name is" :rofl:

thats why I didn't get it :rofl:

Doh! :o :o :o :o

08-25-02, 11:21 PM

08-25-02, 11:37 PM
This is neat! Since it was your idea, I'll try you Nicole. ;)

NICOLE IS a theory or experiment
NICOLE IS renewing a family feud
NICOLE IS the principal forum that European business uses to develop and influence the state of the art in contaminated land management in Europe
NICOLE IS on Google
NICOLE IS best known for her matchless combination of grace and athleticism
NICOLE IS more than we can handle
NICOLE IS the embodiment of what redheads can be
NICOLE is back in news
NICOLE IS asked to call their nearest RCMP
NICOLE IS King of the Mountains
NICOLE IS checking her fanmail

08-26-02, 07:37 AM
:D hehehe

like the last one ;)

Flannel Avenger
08-26-02, 08:55 AM
Originally posted by Vinnie
Post post post! :p

The wacky world sucks up my creativity.

08-26-02, 02:31 PM
Originally posted by Flannel Avenger

The wacky world sucks up my creativity.

Your the last one I would expect posts from in here anyways :p

Flannel Avenger
08-26-02, 04:48 PM

You think I'm uncreative!!??!!

08-26-02, 05:15 PM
boys, take it outside:p;)

Breni Sue
08-27-02, 04:04 AM
It wouldn't let me do Brenetta or Breni, so I had to use Bren:

BREN is a partner practicing in the firm's Trademark and Litigation Departments
Bren is a Journeyman Welder and Certified Welding Supervisor by profession and has over 28 years construction experience.
Bren is living on the space station.
Bren is a small but very important person on a planet in cultural unheaval
Bren is also the Captain of the Malaki and had been instrumental in destroying the Galaxy Garrison ship, Explorer
Bren is a basically a healthy and well-adjusted individual
Bren is currently in the process of developing a network television series based on the What's Wrong with This Picture?
Bren is a Net Sister
Bren is specially designed to sit on her 7 1/2" pink metal tricycle, but she can also be posed to sit or stand
Bren is an inspirational individual who possesses unique abilities and a rare respect for others
Bren is surrounded by kangaroos!
Bren is hiding from you
Bren is also a kamikaze rock 'n roll guitarist!
Bren is responsible for bringing the chickens into our lives, (and the dog, and the rabbits and the guinea hens...)
Bren is going to rent an outhouse
Bren is eating and watching her morning shows like Sesame Street

OK, that's all I'm going to post. Some of these are hilarious! :rofl:

I also found out that "Bren" is a type of machine gun. :umm:

08-27-02, 10:07 AM
Bren- watch out! The kangaroos!


08-27-02, 02:51 PM
Originally posted by Flannel Avenger

You think I'm uncreative!!??!!

Not uncreative but I really can't picture you writing poems :D :p

"An ode to my truck" :rofl:

Flannel Avenger
08-27-02, 08:29 PM
I'll have you know that in the 10th grade my teacher made me write a poem. It was 2 pages of ryming words and I got an A+ :p

08-27-02, 10:55 PM
Thats cause the teacher didn't want to read another "poem" from you. The teacher was to affraid to ask for a rewrite :D :p

08-28-02, 01:39 PM
What was your poem on anyways?

Flannel Avenger
08-28-02, 08:00 PM
We had just had a snowstorm and then we got freezing rain on top of that. It shut everything down. It was on that, since it was the first day back in class :D

08-28-02, 09:00 PM
Originally posted by Vinnie
I actually typed "your name is"

thats why I didn't get it

Could someone be a little blonde?? :rofl: I can only say that because I'm not anymore. :D