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08-19-02, 11:23 PM
Description: Wrote this for school. It had to be similar to an Emily Dickinson topic, so I chose death. Oh, the fun.

She looks at me with no delight,
I tell my love there is no night.
She calmly cries into my hands,
I cannot see to see the land.

I ask her to lay down she softly agrees.
What I see puts my pain at ease.
One last kiss, for one last breath,
Now she whimpers on my chest.

I look down at the scenery,
wishing I could still be me,
to show her how much it means,
to see life and death from between.

If I had a chance, I would go back,
just to tell her to live on track.
This box that holds me in the dirt,
will not let me up; now it hurts.

She will never know what I felt,
on that day of living hell.
The only hour I couldn't say "I love you"
And now I see why love is true.

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08-27-02, 10:36 AM
Good job! It's very much like Miss Dickinson's work!


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09-15-02, 01:42 PM
Oh man that is so beautiful!!!! :crying: