View Full Version : working title: "Friend"

08-19-02, 01:11 AM
My soul cries out to you 'cause I don't know what I should say
So many fearsome things torment my troubled heart today
And though my doubts and fears are with me in my life to stay
You bless me every hour, I'm finding you in a new way


You are my friend who walks beside me
My warrior standing guard behind me
My glorious kind, never to depart
Inside my mind, inside my heart

Where my mind and spirit meet you find my deepest need
Your softly spoken words more than the air I breathe
Opened my eyes to what I was too blind to see
From all-surpassing grace poured down from on a tree


A faithful friend walking beside me
Who, when I turned back, never denied me
To understand, with you I start
Inside my mind, inside my heart


verse 1

My glorious king, you will never depart
From inside my mind, inside my heart

08-19-02, 03:59 PM
this one has gotta be my favorite of all the ones you just posted