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08-17-02, 07:03 PM
Explanation: None.

I feel so good to be with you.
You seem great in everything you do.
Why do I feel so good? I'd tell if I understood.
Maybe not love, but somewhere close. Maybe it is, who knows?
I just know that you're beautiful to me. You should know the beauty I see.
It's you. You light up my day. When we talk, it's everything you say.

Like no one else could do,
you're there to show me you're true.

I'm so thankful for you. I pray every night of my gratitude.
Just to see your face and smile, makes living worth while.
Your eyes I see, your whole world staring back at me.
Your lips, you kiss. There's no way to explain this.
I know, I hope, I can show you this eternity, just what you mean to me.
Tommorow is another day; maybe I can let you know some way.

Like no one else could do,
there's no one else like you.

Written by Allen Nail