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08-17-02, 06:06 PM
One of my latest. Comments please.

I'm not sure where to go,
nothing left to show.
I'm at a stand-still, paying my old bills.
I never thought that they would know.

The past should stay pushed back,
and no questions asked.
I know my doings are not that good,
but thatís not for you to attack.

I offer up my life to you,
what else is there I can do?
You keep wanting me to push aside
all my days, and every night.

I have a life, secluded from you.
Iím someone you donít know.
Your requests donít mean crap to me,
so please get back to your show.

Iím the laughing stock again.
I'll hold my breath and count to ten.
Close my eyes and vision a world,
where she soothes my every pain,

Written by Allen Nail

08-17-02, 06:39 PM
I like. :) It sounds like it should be put to music.