View Full Version : Preparation for Tribulation

08-15-02, 08:46 AM
The slickery, slimy to do
I never have wanted to be.
The camel could barely get through
The eye of the needle you see.

The sunshine shone down on the trees
that stood in the hot arid desert.
While they were all busy as bees
with the chip they were trying to insert.

The leader, well, his name was Bert
a man you canít quite understand.
He seemed to be very alert
even while trapped in the sand.

Running water he did not demand
as they hurried themselves with their task.
For their ship is now stuck on dry land
in the sun they must lie down and bask.

The camel pulled out a round flask
and offered them all a quick sip.
They removed what was left of their mask
and proceeded to leave him a tip.

The wind I was wishing would whip
to remove the debris that you see.
The conundrum Iím in is a trip
I donít know how long I can be.

The camel, well, he was named Lee
he married a cactus last week.
He paid quite a nominal fee
to get the young preacher to speak.

The stork did not like his new beak
as we were preparing to leave.
I was just a slight smidgen too weak
to stand up and hear the stork grieve.

To this warning we surely take heed
as we proceed with the rest of our travels.
We are only the planters of seed
leave the rest for our God to unravel.