View Full Version : Modern Day Psalms #153

08-14-02, 08:57 PM
The time has come
the time is now.
People of earth
you must choose how
you will live out your eternity.
Tormented in hell?
or glorious and free?

Heaven or hell
No in between.
There's no second chance
when you leave this scene.

Fleshly pleasures
will kill you for sure.
God will reject
what's not holy and pure.

So have a good time!
Live it up! Have a blast!
But remember my friends
good times will not last.

When Christ comes to gather
His chosen ones.
Will you be too busy
having your fun?

Drinking and drugging
and immorality
cursing and gossiping
only thinking you're free.

I say these things
not to judge or condemn.
Simply to say
this is the real deal my friends!

Accept Him right now!
Your soul is at stake!
To wait until later
could be your LAST mistake.