View Full Version : Modern Day Psalms #152

08-14-02, 01:28 AM
I thank You, dear God
for sending Your Son
To hang on that cross
for the wrongs that I've done.

Words can't express
how grateful I am
that I have been saved
by the Blood of the Lamb.

Not only am I
eternally secure
but my life on this earth
is better for sure.

And what do You ask
for this precious gift?
Only for faith
and my hands that I lift.

To worship and praise You
all the days of my life,
even when surrounded
by sorrow and strife.

I will still praise You
even through pain.
Nothing is worse
than the humiliation and shame,
that Jesus did suffer
that day at Calvary.
He gave up His life
so I could be free.

I thank You dear God
for sending Your Son!
I pray that all men
will accept what He's done!

08-14-02, 09:22 AM
I really like that :)

good job