View Full Version : Bebo Norman's new CD

08-09-02, 04:45 PM
I'm new to this board and wanted to say Hello! Do any of you listen to Bebo Norman? I'm a big fan of his and wanted share that he has a new cd coming out on Sept. 10th. It's called "Myself When I Am Real", you can pre-order a copy on http://www.grassrootsmusic.com/artist/norman/norman4
for $ 11.68. There are also audio clips if you'd like to hear the music.

I think my favorite right now is Great Light of the World, mostly because I got to hear him play Live a couple weeks ago! But I think this cd totally rocks! Check it out and spread the word to all your friends.

08-14-02, 11:41 AM
coolness. i knew nothing about this new cd. awesome. bebo norman rocks. he's one of my favorite musicians. yea!


08-14-02, 11:54 AM
Cool, I'm happy to see at least ONE Bebo Norman fan on this board!