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08-03-02, 03:52 PM
You guys heard of the Benjamin Gate?!?! They are this amazing band on Forefront records. They are one of my faviorates!! I just had to tell you all that their new CD "Contact" may even be better than their 1st one "untitled"!!! They are getting a lot of mainstream press like on regis and kelly and Best Buy and Walmart etc are carrying their cds!!! (Check out christian alternative I think is where they are located) This guys are awesome!!! Who's heard of them and what do you think about the way they want to influence the mainstream crowd and reach non-believers?

08-03-02, 04:21 PM
they are a great band... seen them live a couple times... I need to get their albums but that requires money that I don't have... they have great sound and a great stage appearance

08-03-02, 09:28 PM
Yeah, I got there cd from a guy that was after me. Personally, I don't care for them. But if you do, that's great for you! :biggrin:

08-04-02, 01:41 AM
oh i'm so glad someone started a thread about them! i had their cd about 2 months before it came out (my best friend's uncle has some involvement in the Christian music business... as to what he does, your guess is as good as mine).. i LOVE them. they're one of the few bands with a female lead singer whom i truly adore. not to mention their lyrics are beautiful!

Chris B
08-12-02, 05:08 PM
I saw them with Pillar a while ago. I'm afraid I didn't catch what most of their songs were trying to say, but they weren't bad. One of the few female vocalists I like (or can stand :cool: )

08-13-02, 03:59 PM
Hey guys! Speaking of an AWESOME stage show by Benjamin Gate -- they're playing Festival Con Dios this year!!! I found this info on the festival. Last year's was awesome!!! Check out this years!

Festival Con Dios (Festival of God) combines 12 artists/bands including Audio Adrenaline, tobyMac and The Benjamin Gate, to bring the music and the atmosphere of a music festival to your hometown. Besides all the great music throughout the day, there'll be extreme sports events, interactive games and big-name speakers.

FESTIVAL CON DIOS - as of 08/13/02 - All dates subject to change
09/13/02 3:30PM Waccamaw Expo Center Spartanburg SC
09/14/02 3:30PM Perimeter Mall Atlanta GA
09/15/02 3:30PM Hamilton Place Mall Chattanooga TN
09/17/02 3:30PM Lycoming Mall Williamsport PA
09/19/02 3:30PM St. Joseph County 4-H Fairgrounds South Bend IN
09/20/02 3:30PM Cuyahoga County Fair Grounds Cleveland OH
09/21/02 3:30PM Alpine Village Mall Gaylord MI
09/22/02 3:30PM Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds Imlay City MI
09/26/02 3:30PM Murray State University Murray KY
09/27/02 3:30PM Chapel Rock Christian Church Indianapolis IN
09/28/02 3:30PM Resurrection Life Church Grand Rapids MI
09/29/02 3:30PM The Odeum Chicago IL
10/01/02 3:30PM Utah State Fair Park Salt Lake City UT
10/02/02 3:30PM Boise Town Square Boise ID
10/04/02 3:30PM Spokane Valley Mall Spokane WA
10/05/02 3:30PM Auburn/Seattle WA
10/06/02 3:30PM Portland OR
10/10/02 3:30PM California Expo Sacramento CA
10/11/02 3:30PM First Assembly of God Visalia CA
10/12/02 3:30PM Anaheim CA
10/13/02 3:30PM Grand Canyon University Phoenix AZ
10/18/02 3:30PM Bandimere Speedway Morrison CO
10/19/02 3:30PM Balloon Fiesta Park Albuquerque NM
10/20/02 3:30PM Panhandle South Plains Fairgrounds Lubbock TX
10/24/02 3:30PM Northpark Mall Joplin MO
10/25/02 3:30PM Crossroads Mall Oklahoma City OK
10/26/02 3:30PM Greenspoint Mall Houston TX
10/27/02 3:30PM Windsor Park Mall San Antonio TX
10/29/02 3:30PM Springdale Mall Mobile AL
10/31/02 3:30PM Knight's Castle Ballpark Fort Mill SC
11/01/02 3:30PM Regency Square Emporium Jacksonville FL
11/02/02 3:30PM Roger Dean Stadium West Palm Beach FL
11/03/02 3:30PM Carpenters Home Church Lakeland FL

Check out the official Festival Con Dios web site at http://www.festivalcondios.com. There's good stuff there and it lists all the bands that will be appearing at FCD.

Chris B
08-13-02, 04:34 PM
> 10/18/02 3:30PM Bandimere Speedway Morrison CO

Sweet, I'll have to check that out. ApologetiX (http://www.apologetix.com) plays here on 10/19... two concerts in a row. wow. :)