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08-03-02, 02:21 AM
1.) I was supposed to be in bed 19 mins ago
2.) the reason why is this

Ash and I created our own message board!!!!!!
w00t!! it is small right now but we are gonna grow! so PLEASE visit and register!! (you may be made a mod..... ) so C'MON GO GO GO!

08-03-02, 02:39 AM
A bit of advice: I'd suggest changing the mood/tone of your rules in the Christian forum. I must admit the rules there seemed rude and unwelcoming to me when I first read them. Not sure if others will feel the same but obviously that is not the impression one should aim for and I don't think you were. The other forums looked okay. I am too spread out on the net to join another forum so I won't be participating but best wishes on the new board.

Flannel Avenger
08-03-02, 11:56 AM
On the contrary, Vinnie, they know how to pander to an audience.

Why, they have a special "JustForFlannel" smiley.

Flannel Avenger
08-03-02, 11:56 AM
Oh yeah, One more thing.


08-03-02, 01:06 PM
Originally posted by Flannel Avenger
On the contrary, Vinnie, they know how to pander to an audience.

Why, they have a special "JustForFlannel" smiley.

yup actually that one I may change its code to big rtruck and I will upload the chevy smiley and its code will be JustforFlannel! I may make it so only you and maybe me, and ash can use it too!

I see you point Vinnie , I may retone them....that s what happens to me in the wee hours....I go spazzmo on everything.

08-03-02, 03:36 PM
I registered :D

08-03-02, 03:42 PM
Cool. :cool:

08-04-02, 07:55 PM
well I submitted our sight on 10 search engines. *sighs* we need more ppl......

08-04-02, 08:51 PM
ive never even submitted my message board LOL

ishould prolly do that. its been dying.

08-04-02, 08:59 PM

heh heh heh...yeah....I did notice quite a few more guests......of course....since right now guests cant post....they leave....:what:

oh well

oh btw- I did tone down the rules for that forum..yeha when I went back and reread them I couldnt believe I said all that!:blush: i get evil when i am up late...:)

08-05-02, 11:07 PM
i'm going to go register RIGHT NOW. :)

08-05-02, 11:25 PM
boy howdy i registered!

ashley even made me a MOD baby! *shakes* *twists*

oi oi oi. this will be mucho mucho fun :biggrin:

08-06-02, 02:52 PM
YAY!! MORE MEMBERS!!! *many hugs for all the newbies*

Hope y'all have fun there!!!!

Flannel Avenger
06-27-03, 08:47 PM
Greetings foolish mortals, I have one upped you.


06-28-03, 04:47 PM
You can run but you can't hide!


Flannel Avenger
06-28-03, 06:04 PM
Ah, but there I can abuse my powers!! :devil:

06-28-03, 09:38 PM
No doubt you will flaunt your flannel with fleeting flippant freeps of fluff and flourish.

But what the heck, it's your board!


Flannel Avenger
06-28-03, 10:16 PM

Flannel Avenger
09-10-03, 11:33 AM
Greetings Blue22 affacianados.

BbBoy.net will be deleting all free boards from their servers. Blue22 is scheduled for termination on Wednesday, September 17 2003. If you wish to visit and mark its passing, now is the time. Or if you're a member and you want to save something for the memories, now is the time too. Unless you'd like to donate the money to make it a pay board. Then it'll be around longer. LOL.