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08-02-02, 01:29 AM

Saturday June 29th
We leave at 9am from right outside of Tulsa on our way to Cornerstone. On the way up we met some guys in St. Louis that were also going to Cornerstone. It was quite and interesting meeting. We drove all day and into the night when we finally stopped for a few hours outside a Wal-Mart to get a few hours sleep.

Sunday June 30th
We arrived in Bushnell early Sunday morning at 7am. We got in line at the gates which opened at 8am. When we got inside, we set up camp across the street from the asylum between Encore 2 and Wycliffe. The rest of the day was filled with hanging out, playing my guitar and checking out the grounds.

Monday July 1st
I got up and around about 8am and hung out at the camp and ate breakfast. Then after breakfast we had some worship and just playing instruments. I checked out the Steelroots stage a few times during the day, but didnít stay long. After dinner I went and saw Pillar play over on the Steelroots stage, the concert was great but about halfway through they blew the generator for the lights and so we all got out our flashlights and went on with the show. They reacted great to everything that happened and kept going. Afterwards I came back, practiced my guitar for a while before I went to sleep.

Tuesday July 2nd
Most of the morning I hung around camp, played my guitar and my djembe. After lunch I went over to Wycliffe and made a bamboo flute. That took around 3 hours and gave me a nasty little burn mark that lasted a few weeks. Then later I went over to the asylum and hung out over there meeting new people and left a note on the board for ILJ people since most of them thought that I wasnít going to get to come. Then I went over to hear JPUSA officially start off cornerstone, they had an awesome concert, great worship. They also had interpreters for the hearing impaired at this concert among many others which was a great surprise as I love sign language and want to learn so that I may be able to interpret some day. Right before JPUSA I met up with Jason so we got to talk which was awesome. Then we went over to busker kibbutznik which was another awesome time of praise and worship, I love how many different ethnic instruments they were able to incorporate into their songs. Jase drug me over to see ticklepenny corner, they didnít really impress me but they are not my favorite style, they did have some great musicianship though that I did enjoy. After that we went to Drum Circle worship which was a phenomenal time of worship with many people from different band of diverse styles of music worshipping together. We had a prayer time also. It was a great way to end the night off.

Wednesday July 3rd
After getting up and getting around I played worship for a while at camp then I went off to some music seminars. I heard some ethnic worship and went to Miranda Stoneís songwriting clinic. I also went to see the Psalm drummers which is a nationwide network of drummers that play for the glory of God, it was very interesting to see them incorporate all the different types of drums and also a DJ and other things into worship. During the day I went over to the asylum and met up with the rest of the ILJ crew, including Amber, Maura, Janna and Leah. I checked out a new band called Celestial Static, it wasnít a bad show but did not completely impress me to go buy their CD. Later I saw Pillar again on main stage, the concert was great and this time they didnít blow the generator. After that show I came back to the asylum to chill out until Skillet and met Maria. We started talking about music and other assorted things and found we had a lot in common then Tollie started talking with us and I found out that he was the guy that Zechy (one of the guys that didnít get to come but was planning on it) had wanted me to meet. We talked until time to go to Skillet then Tollie escorted Maria and me over to the Magazine Tent where we made our way to the front of the crowd. Skillet put on a great show both worshipping God and rocking out. After the show Tollie got us backstage and introduced us to his mother Sue. She is one of the interpreters and was covering the Skillet show. WE also got to meet the band real fast while they were breaking down. Then we went back to Tollieís campsite and talked for over an hour then went back to the asylum for late night fun.

Thursday July 4th
After getting a few hours of sleep I got up and went over to see the Izibongo ethnic worship seminar and then to a worship seminar I also went over to see the songwriting clinic with Maria and a couple of the guys. Then we sat around and I got to play one of my songs for Maria and a few people then Britt played one of his songs, which was pretty good although I had trouble hearing the words over the guitar. Then we went back and hung out at the asylum. When evening came Maria and I went over to the ethnic worship night at the Gallery and saw a few bands over there including The Crossing which did a great set of Irish music and also saw Izibongo which was quite impressive, their vast array of cultures from around the world and worship songs in those styles was great to hear and the musicianship of the group was also great. Then we went over to Encore 2 to hear Judean Radiostatic which didnít impress me too terribly much, although the tin can drum was interesting. Then we went to Zao at Encore 1 which was a very interesting concert, it was good although I would have liked to have been able to be closer to the stage. Then we went back to the asylum for another night of fun.

Friday July 5th
After another night of little sleep I got up again and went over to music seminars. After that I went over to the asylum and hung out with Maria and some of the girls from ILJ. Maria and I went over to see a new band Bestiary which did have a good show but I did not get to hear enough to decide if I really liked them or not. Then I went over to John Reuben and Benjamin Gate. John Reuben put on a great show, very active and involved and just being himself. Benjamin Gate was great also, they have great stage presence and were very active and energetic with great talent. Later that night Jesiah, Maria and I went over to HM stage to see Disciple which had a great show, although a little less energetic than I would have liked. Then I left to see EastWest at circle productions stage which was great, although a greatly shortened set they did a great job and kept it all in focus about Jesus. Then I went back over to HM to see tourniquet which did a rocking job with great musicianship and great energy. Then we went back over to the Asylum for the rest of the night.

Saturday July 6th
The last day of Cornerstone was quite less busy than the rest of the days and I spent a lot of time just hanging out with all the new friends I had made over the week. I went over to East West which was a great show and Mikey let me backstage along with Amber and some of her friends. It was a great show, the guys were very energetic and played well, and the audience participation was great. Afterwards I got to hang out with the guys and talk with the guys more so than I have in the past, especially with Bobby. JJ was having fun with a magick marker which was quite hilarious. Then we all got our pictures with the guys. After that show I went back to the asylum for a while and just hung out. That night we had a mock Gothic wedding which was a good laugh but also was very interesting as while we were mocking the wedding the priest spoke of how we are to have a relationship with Jesus as a bride to her groom. He did a very good job showing us the symbolism in the wedding and relationship between man and women and how we are to be with Jesus. Then we spent the night hanging out and goofing off.

Sunday July 7th
After getting up before the sun we pack up and leave on our way back to Tulsa.

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You should tell the story of HOW we met ;)

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heh heh that was just too weird

yeah well if someone would have shown up when they were suposta...... :stinkeye:

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I was at the showers at 9:30 :angel:

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yeah, so this dude taps me on the shoulder..."What's her name?" (as Candice was right in front of me."...well, there's your dude.

Hey guys, what's up, it's me Josh and i just decided to check out what was goin' on. i had the really cool experience of going to Cornerstone with Candice and a bunch of other really cool people.

love to all...

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I thought her voice sounded familiar :rofl:

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wow that was unsuspected! Hey Josh good ta see ya!