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07-29-02, 09:28 PM
I wasn't to sure where I would post a poem, but I thought this was a good place. This is one that I wrote a little while ago:

In bleak exile, I wait.
Passing watchfully and unseen,
Never by light of day,
While your lost in dream.

Traveling black roads of chilling night,
I felt the tears of trees that wept
In longing remembrance, as they try
To recall the last time they slept.

Wandering and wicked, I seem to be,
Strange, wild and offensively odd,
To those who choose to label me.
I tell you; though I wander, I am not lost.

How tired I am of their critical curiosity,
I will no longer be concealed in my exile,
The time has come for them to see,
What you have known this cruel long while.

I pull back the hood that covered my face,
And fiercely look each of them in the eye.
How shaken they are, when I declare my name
And take off my cloak, to reveal my noble might.

Gravely mistaken; I am someone they never thought of,
Never would they guess, in their wildest dreams.
But you always knew, the whole while, my love,
I, the one they despised, I, am really their King.

Shanon I.
July 11, 2002 (11:01 PM)

It is about many things, really. It is how I feel at times; though of course, I am not the King. I am the one who stands next to the King, who is my savior Jesus Christ.

It could be about Aragorn, from Lord of the Rings(I love those books) I thought of him mostly while righting it.

It could be about Jesus also; I think somewhere in Psalms it says he comes in the shadow of night, or something like that.

tell me what you got out of it, and what you think of it.:)

God bless,


07-30-02, 08:40 PM
I liked this poem a lot. Very Very Cool.