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07-29-02, 07:21 PM
OK, here's a new thread on "Christian" music. I'm going to try to explain how far the modern church has drifted from what anything "Christian" really is. Bear with me, it will take a little time to get to the music part.

The modern sub-culture called Christianity is where most Christians find their comfort zone to be. It could be likened to a large walled city that sends a few soldiers out at a time to attack enemy cities. The Bible does not support that, it teaches that we are to co-exist with the world. How can we reach the lost if we avoid them? The Bible says to go into the world and make disciples. It never says to create our own little world. We must "be in the world and not of it" and yet far too few Christians get that idea. Being " Not of the world" means that Earth is not our home and we are just passing through. It does not mean that we are to completely avoid the world and shut out all things that are not made by Christians.

The sub-culture has decided that in order to have fun and enjoy ourselves we must make our own alternatives to what the world calls fun. Christians are the biggest copycats!!! We make a Christian N-Sinc, A Christian Britney Spears, Christian Fortune Cookies, Christian Swear words (Shoot for s**T, Darn for d**n , gosh darn for GD, Freakin' for f***ing, you get the idea) and Christian Vitamins. The truth is we have everything the world has but we call it "Christian". We are a bunch of Children but instead of following the footsteps of our Heavenly Father we follow the world, our big brother who always seems to be having the most fun.

Christianity has turned into an amousement park and we play our little game of being grown ups. We ride the rides and eat our candy but what does any of this have to do with True Christianity???

We are made in God's image. He created us and since we are made in His image we are expexted to be creative. Now I'm sorry, but copying a secular band is not being creative at all. It is being very conforming and wimpy. Now here's the truth that only a few Christians know. The bigtime artists are following a higher authority and it is not God. It is what we call "The Business". They are slaves to their producers, agents, record deals, managers, publicists, to all those who own them. True art will not usually come from such a harsh environment. True art comes from the heart and when these artists come up with an idea from the heart the comitee gets a hold of it and says "how can we make this appeal to the kids?" After they get through, the original piece of art is lost in what they call production.

Did you know that most of the big time "Christian" record companies are owned by secular companies? Sony alone owns several. Warner Brothers own at least one. The CEO's of these companies know that CCM is big business so they put their best psychologists to work to market this material. Anything revolutionary or cutting edge is put aside as too risky. Instead they say lets make a "Christian" N-Sinc and get the little Christian girls money. The music is made for the single purpose of making money. Look at the Dove Awards. The same artists winning awards for at least the last ten years. Now, each year I could find at least 25 bands that are better than the ones that win but they are not even considered. The fact is, the Doves and the Grammy Awards for that matter are rigged. They only vote on the artists that conform to them. True artists are not considered because a true artist will not be pushed around by big companies. Radio stations are the same way. Why do we hear the same songs over and over on every station? Why is there a top 40? Because all the stations are owned by the same people, usually the people that own the record companies.

That said, how can we consider CCM "Christian" if it is studied by psychologists instead of theologists? How can it be art if the artist is told what to say?

I long for the day when music is music. Christian bands could reach so many more people if they were played on secular radio right? So why do we have a line? Why are we too lazy to read the lyrics of all of our CD's and see if they are what we should be listening too? Why do we need someone to tell us if it is Christian or not? Why can't the individual decide? Why do we have to have a Christian music industry? I say we do away with it and let all artists Christian or not play and record their music. Then go out and get the CD and see if it is right for us. A lot more work, sure, but also a lot more artistic expression.

Jesus doesn't want us to sell product using His name. Look how he drove the merchants out of the temple. Christianity has no right to make money off God. Do you think Jesus truely likes us putting His name on our shirt with a cute slogan? God is so much more than that. How can we turn Him into advertising? Watch the Christian music industry closely and tell me who is leading them. God or Satan? Truth or Money? Money is the root of all evil and so it seems that the Christian Music Industry could be called evil!!!

I listen to all types of music and very few bands I listen to are on either the Christian or Secular Top 40 charts. It is all too shallow and overproduced. I listen to those I deem to be true artists. Truth be known I get much more out of many secular bands than I do from any top 40 Christian band.

07-29-02, 07:32 PM
I think the main reason why we have Christian Nsync or Christian Britney Spears, is so that we can listen to music that is the type they sing, but its about God.

07-29-02, 07:42 PM
Is it art?

07-29-02, 07:43 PM
does it have to be art?

what exactly is art?

is art determined by the viewer or by the artist?

07-29-02, 08:05 PM
Art is determined by originality. We are made in God's image so we should create, not copy. You don't have to agree with this, it is just my philosophy. If I wanted to listen to Britney I would listen to the real britney. Should we make a "Christian" Ozzy so we could have a "Christian" Osbourns show??? No, we both watch the real thing.