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07-29-02, 04:43 PM
This is about a friend of mine. It's mostly about my frustration in dealing with how to communicate to her how I feel, and also my frustration in other people insisting that I should try to go out with her... for some reason, a guy and a girl can't be friends if neither of them is dating someone else.... I guess. I don't think this is one of my best lyrical works, but sometimes poetry has to take a backseat to communication, I think.

I can't quite find the way to show
But I'm going mad, I have to know
Does it make her sad to be alone
Does her heart stop when I pick up the phone
I'm getting tired but I don't mind
She makes me want to find.... out how


She walks with grace, her hair in her eyes
To a better place, to shed this disguise
To fly away on eagles' wings
I always knew she was due for better things

Does she miss me when I'm not there
Or does she not even care
People say "hey man, why don't you ask her out"
The don't understand that's not what we're about
"Just friends" oh how I hate those words
As if friends were something less, isn't that absurd?


"Just friends", oh how I hate those words
As if friends were something less, isn't that absurd....


Her tight-lipped smile a thin disguise
But one day she'll fly above the skies...

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that is really powerful

im with nicole on the whole tear thing

07-29-02, 07:38 PM
I like that. But why doesn't it mention God??? (Kidding).

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08-03-02, 03:20 AM
i really really like it. especially the chorus...

i also know who it's about, so the specifics are kind of neat.

08-03-02, 03:32 PM
That's awesome.