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07-29-02, 12:56 AM
Man, I'm crankin' them out lately :biggrin: Wrote this one this afternoon.

Pressing through pouring rain
Trying to rearrange
The pieces that make up my tapestry

A dormouse comes to greet
Standing there at my feet
Breaking my piteous reverie


And though I'll never know
Why some will come and some will go
And valleys fill and mountains fall
I'm just trying to give my all

Running against the grain
A martyr falls but not in vain
I think... but how much can I say for sure?

Then I remember a fateful day
When I told her to go away
Even though I'd never known a love so pure


instrumental break

Pressing through pouring rain
Trying to rearrange
The faded pieces of my tapestry

A voice calls, breaking through the rain
"The martyrs have not died in vain"
I take the mouse's hand, we run away

chorus 2 times

I sing back into my reverie
A brief respite in my naiveity
Consciousness known for brevity
Then the world will finally let me be