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07-28-02, 04:52 PM
I posted a few of my songs that had been in the Creative Works forum here. I thought maybe people who came here and didn't go there might want to comment on them... or something like that. Mostly, I was just hoping maybe there could be some discussion (which wasn't happening there).

Or something like that...

Man I've been an angsty little freak lately... not sure why. Just having a downer week, I guess. It happens.

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


07-28-02, 05:01 PM
Hey... sorry my forum sucks... I read everything... but this computer is too slow to reply to everything... I think I'm going to ask the mods and some other people to start frequenting the creative forum a bit more so we can get it activated and all.

07-28-02, 05:08 PM
Oh, don't feel bad. I strategically left out the statement that I'm trying to get my forum more traffic at the expense of yours :devil:

Rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiight ;):rofl:;)


07-28-02, 07:36 PM
so that was the plan... :stinkeye:

07-28-02, 08:19 PM


Heatherly - I would post more in there - but I have a feeling all of my replies would consist of "very good" or "i like" or something to that affect ;) I do read them though! :D