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07-28-02, 03:49 PM
Someone else analyze this for me ;)

verse 1

Tear down this symbol of my death
The stone is gone but the slain remain
The stake, condemned to fiery death
Cut off the arm to stop the pain


Close the window, slam the door
Shoot the messenger when the message makes you sore
The heart is the same as it was before
Did you think that you could make it go away...

verse 2

Blow out the candle that lights my soul
It's no darker now than it was before
Batter and beat, abuse, cajole
You can't make it leave but you can't ignore

Break down the altar of sacrifice
And build another in your hearts to pay the price
Freedom from death, silence the groans
But you don't need it now, you can make it on our own...



breakdown, with chant

The music is broken but the song remains the same (repeat until screaming)

verse 1


repeat last line and fade out