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07-26-02, 06:02 PM
verse 1

Sit back and enjoy a story
Of a land bathed in God's glory
Stumbling to isolation
Falling victim to temptation
Find someone to take the blame
Put the standard through the flame
In the valley of death I can see my breath
But my cold heart keeps on beating

instrumental chorus

verse 2

Put the last brick in the building
Let the masses come in to get their filling
Slap that big cross on the steeple
While stealing money from the people
Let all who come be living large
Just as long as they can pay the cover charge
Come to the water, save your soul
Keep the greenbacks flowing, let the good times roll (hold chord)

But I thought salvation was supposed to be free...
We're living in the land of the free


God bless America
God bless America (God bless the USA)
When will she bless God back?


The testimony of an Arab-American...

I can feel the stares, the burning hateful glares
As I walk down the street with my kids
Your bloodthirst you can't sate, but I can see the hate
When you close your eyes it's burning through your lids
But you don't really care, 'cause I'm from "over there"
I don't have the ability to feel
Well that's right! I don't feel, because I'm not even real
And yet the wounds you've caused can never be healed
And you call me a terrorist... You try to make me a terrorist....
When I'm the one who's afraid!

instrumental with riff from Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun"

ad lib vocals

hold chord:

God bless the children of America...

07-28-02, 03:54 PM
*bump* 'cause I just copied it from the other forum, so it put it as being the same date as it was over there which put it almost off the page ;)

07-28-02, 05:15 PM
I like this one :)

I'm not very good at analyzing these things and coming up with elaborate reasons of why I like then - so you'll just have to be happy with my short opinion on it :)