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07-25-02, 05:18 AM
excerpts from: allowance-X


"church, in your gladness you reveal the need for love
in your anger you reveal the need for righteousness
but in your sadness, both are revealed to me."

"church, i feel your concern. it breaks every wall of pride and resentment, every chain of denial and stereotype.. truth is what i see.. and after 74 churches, you are the one. you are the one in 75, sad to proclaim.. but i am now joyful, because your God is real.. therefore you are also real.."

"church, you did not keep me in the dark..
and you did not blind me by your light..
so i know you teach from holy scripture, not a man-written philosophy.. your love is unbreakable..
how one denied me, i could care less
but how you've accepted me, i couldn't care more!"

"church, you are not what i believed you were
you are not full of hypocrisy, rather a controversy of every lie.. a medicine for every illness..
a friend to every foe.."

"church, you are no building. because a building would've fallen over 2000 years.."