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07-20-02, 03:40 PM
By myself
To think of emotion
And the day my feelings stopped.
Slowly, I lose faith
In things I used to know.
I'm holding onto darkness
Have no hope to pierce the black.
As my feet shuffle on,
I trample a rose
Into the ground
Petals blood red...
"How ironic" I think
As my veins spill
Their precious contents.
I hold my head high
Proud to be nothing.
A punching bag
For you
I can be anything
But wash your hands
After every use.
You wouldn't want my germs.
I'll remind you again
Of my blood on my hands.
God is sending me an angel...
Is my hell finally over?
He doesn't send me what I asked for,
The angel of death.
When do I ever get
What I want?
Instead, he gives me something
A million times better.
An angel of love and mercy
Who can heal my wounds
And whom I can keep
My Ryan Micheal.

~*Laura Danielle, 2002

07-20-02, 04:23 PM
simply beautiful Mits....absolutley amazing imagery.

07-26-02, 05:53 PM
Nicely done Mitsukai... Ryan is a lucky young man indeed...