View Full Version : Another Announcement

Flannel Avenger
07-18-02, 10:41 PM
This is post 11000. Watch out Vinnie, here I come!

07-19-02, 05:39 PM

Flannel Avenger
07-19-02, 06:52 PM
Tricia dost stinketh!

07-19-02, 08:42 PM
*is standing next to fannie*

naw, that would be you. :p

Flannel Avenger
07-19-02, 09:41 PM
*leans over and sniffs Tricia*

Nope, it's you.

07-19-02, 09:42 PM
funny, cuz I KNOW it's you.

*sprays Fannie down with a can of deodorant*

Flannel Avenger
07-19-02, 09:52 PM
Well, in that case, we can stink together!

*hugs Tricia*

07-19-02, 09:56 PM
ok, that's one thing I did *not* expect to happen. :D

Flannel Avenger
07-19-02, 10:01 PM
So you LIKED it, eh?

*hugs Tricia again*

07-19-02, 10:46 PM
yes *sniff* *sniff*

Flannel Avenger
07-19-02, 11:12 PM
So, you've become addicted to the Flannel? ;)

07-19-02, 11:18 PM
I bow to you!*

*just..........kidding. :D

Flannel Avenger
07-19-02, 11:20 PM
Abandon Silk. You know you're more of a Flannel girl anyway.

07-19-02, 11:21 PM
Like heck!

I love silk, cottons ok, but flannel is itchy.

Flannel Avenger
07-19-02, 11:24 PM
Don't deny your desire for flannel.

07-19-02, 11:26 PM

besides, you already have a bunch of people in your flannelish realm

Flannel Avenger
07-19-02, 11:28 PM
You know you want to join me...

07-19-02, 11:31 PM
I do? Funny, because I wasn't so sure two minutes ago......

07-20-02, 12:04 AM
Oh Tricia! Did I tell you?? I gots a flannel shirt to wear to school over those darned polos! :D *laughs* Chloe is going to die laughing...I just thought I'd let you know...I warn you having spent 4h grade in portables the heat and air dont always work keep a lightweight shirt or jacket in your locker cause you'll need it. Tricia did you sniff? You're only a novice, girl! You aint no Aes Sedai yet. Besides you dont do it right it isnt *sniff* its *sniff* only once mind you. ;) now you try.....

07-20-02, 01:17 AM
it was a crying sniff, thank you. :p

07-20-02, 01:19 AM
Aes Sedai dont cry........hey that rhymes.....WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THIS LATE??????????????? dagnabbit and now I have to get off.......:redhotmad :redhotmad :redhotmad

07-20-02, 01:22 AM

I dunno, just feel like it. I could ask you the same question, missy. :p

07-20-02, 01:23 AM
I am always up late kinda you know that!:angel: :biggrin: :D :biggrin: :) ;)

07-20-02, 01:26 AM
yeah, I know. :D