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07-12-02, 09:14 PM
I posted this some time ago, but evidently it got cleaned out.

Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of pain
Arms linked around the circle and you're stuck outside again
Red rover, come on over but you're never gonna break on through
But we don't mind if you stay for awhile just as long as you sit there in that pew

And the sun comes up, sun goes down
You can turn your partner round and round
And the music fades, the silence so loud
The sands of time the only sound
And you can't do a thing to change the past
You can't change the face in the looking glass...

And you're traveling down the road you go
And where it leads one day you'd like to know
But the countryside just keeps on flying by
Wishing for just one to hold out his hand
For a stranger passing through the land
You've been told you need to know the Name
But it seems to you they're all the same...

verse 2:
Did it ever occur to you, did you ever wonder why
Jack Horner only sits there in that corner, his best friend a piece of pie
Well I know Jesus saves but it seems to me his people don't really care
If a stranger like me comes to know the joy of salvation to share

instrumental section
voiceover- James 2:1-4

end chorus:
So the Master walks on down the road
Hoping to find someone he knows
You'd think of all places.... in church he'd find
Someone willing to hold out his hand
To a stranger passing through the land
So many claim to know his Name
Well it seems to him they're all the same...

07-16-02, 01:10 AM
Father please help us to always hold out our hands, open our arms and let Jesus reach out through us.

07-16-02, 01:47 AM
Orph.... i love the way you write songs, you have a great talent!!!