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07-10-02, 05:12 PM
What's your top ten Christian CD's of all time? Here's my list.

1. Terry Scott Taylor--Knowledge and Innocence (The greatest CD ever made. The theme behind this CD is how Christians should deal with death. Terry writes songs about his wife's miscarriage, his grandparents death the rapture and so much more. Music reminds me of Pink Floyd.)

2. Danie Amos--Darn Floor Big Bite (This CD deals with the attributes and awsomeness of God. God is so much more than any man made religion!)

3. The Choir-Free Flying Soul (This CD is beautiful. The music and words reminds me of beauty and wonder of C.S. Lewis' Perelandra. )

4. Dead Artist Syndrome--Devils Angels Saints (Deep heartfelt songs that hit hard. A wonderful re-make of California Dreamin.)

5. The Lost Dogs--Little Red Riding Hood (folk, alternative, Country! Does it get any better than this???)

6. Adam Again--Dig ( brilliant alternative rock from the late Gene Eugene. Think REM.)

7. Poor Old Lu-Mindsize (This CD will blow you away!)

8. LSU--Shaded Pain (The First Christian Alternative CD ever made.)

9. Mike Knott--Rocket and A Bomb ( Songs about the people in your neighborhood. Yikes.)

Mark Heard--Satalite Sky (The Late Mark Heard was one of the greatest poets of all time. Listen and be amazed.)

If you want to check these CD's out, most of them are available at radrockers.com.