View Full Version : Just a poem.. without a title by me!

07-09-02, 10:48 PM
Intensity in her eyes
complexity in her stare
she hides her pain behind a mask
covered in golden, curly hair
she cries herself to sleep at night
and wonders if anyone knows
all the pain she keeps inside
and how her hurt tends to grow
and she smiles for all the world to see
a glimmer and shine she paints in her eye
but deep inside her burden shows
she cannot help but cry.
A desperate plea she sends out
her soul, in chains, it longs to shout:
SOMEBODY! show me the way out!
and He goes to her and lets her cry
He wipes a tear as it falls from Her eye
and she feels love for Him
and she confesses all her sin
she throw the shield from her soul
and He goes in- replaces the old
"My savior!" she shouts
and all her pain has found a way out
her smile is now all but fake
He showed her love
..it was almost too late
If it wasn't for Him
coming inside
He wasn't afraid, He chose to die
She'd be a lost and lonely soul
but now her eyes dance
and the truth she holds
her body releases a silent sigh
and a tear of joy falls from her eye.