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princess leah
07-09-02, 04:13 PM
well, the description of this post is in the title... who'd'ja like, who'd'ja not like?

the good(in my opinion): east west! heck yeah!, living sacrifice, disciple (of course), madison greene, the crossing, aradhna, ballydowse, stretch arm strong, that one band...anathema, i think?, jennifer knapp, tobymac, SKILLET! and bestiary weren't bad. beanbag's lead-singer made me smile.

the not-so-good: tourniquet (well they were ok but i almost fell asleep), pedro the lion BOR-RING!!, further seems forever (HUGE disappointment. i really like their recorded songs, but their new lead singer just...can't sing!)

07-12-02, 01:12 PM
I was extremely disappointed by Jennifer Knapp. She just isn't a rocker. I could listen to her sing with an acoustic guitar for hours, though... :biggrin:


Disciple. MAN I've seen them 9 times now and even though all they had was 45 minutes I still thought it was better than the previous 8 times I'd seen them put together.

The Crossing
Izibongo (Wycliffe Bible Translators' ethnic music band)
Poor Old Lu
Vigilantes of Love
Madison Greene
Ceili Rain

sally al
07-19-02, 01:34 PM
I was only able to go to cstone for one day....(friday)

but out of all i saw....
i didn't like the blamed

but i loved..
squad five-0


07-25-02, 02:40 PM
I loved all the bands I saw

East West
Project 86
Living Sacrafice
Still Breathing

07-25-02, 02:44 PM
I thought Poor Old Lu had broke up. They had some great stuff back inna day. Had all their albums once.

07-25-02, 02:45 PM
oh yeah and John Reuben

07-25-02, 05:23 PM
Poor Old Lu is back together and have a new CD on Tooth and Nail records.

07-26-02, 01:35 AM
Tooth And Nail... man they've put out sme good bands!

Starflyer 59...

07-26-02, 02:20 AM
Skillet(they put on a great show)
Drum Circle Worship(awesome worship!)
Benjamin Gate
Everyone I saw pretty much was good

Least Favorites:
All the punk bands the people I came with dragged me to see that can't hold and tune and just scream into the mic
Didn't care much for Zao but that wasn't all because of the band... I couldn't make out much of anything and couldn't mosh cause I had my backpack and my shoulder was sore from trying to keep people from knocking me over and I didn'ta hve a guy watching out for me that show...

07-26-02, 01:43 PM

madison greene - so much energy. they're such an amazing band. their music is so beautiful.

cool hand luke - they put on the most spiritual shows of anyone i've ever seen. their music is so worshipful. everytime i see them in concert it just makes me grow even closer to God.

twothirtyeight- one of my favorite bands, and it was my first time to see them. they're great!

brandtson - another one of my favorite bands, who i got to see for the first time.

noise ratchet - i had never heard of them. they're on tour with some of my friends, which is why i checked them out. they put on a very good show, and their music was really excellent.

the operation - their music was so great. they put on a wonderful show.

mewithoutyou - i was blown away. they had so much energy. probably the most energy i've ever seen, minus the first show i ever saw cool hand luke do. i also really enjoyed their music. not a band i would like on cd, but definitely a band i'll be sure to see when they come around me next time.

psalters - a very worshipful band. it was beautiful.


least faves:

eastwest - i only went and saw them because i was meeting a friend there. he was only going because his band recently became labelmates with them. they were terrible. definitely the worst show i went to/overheard. awful.

that's probably it, for my least faves. i descently enjoyed all the other shows i went to. though there were way too many growly bands there, but i usually just left them, and attempted to find a better show.


07-26-02, 04:52 PM
I think your backwards

East West is amazing in Concert

Mewithoutyou Horrible in concert, he is so out there

07-26-02, 06:04 PM
Please remember the inherent subjectivity of this topic.

Layman's translation:

Just because you liked it doesn't mean someone else will, and this thread is about opinions.

For the record, I saw neither East West nor mewithoutyou.

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


07-26-02, 09:39 PM
actually it is about opinions favorite and least favorite is opinions that was mine and she has hers the whole point of this subject so I didn't get off subject now did I nope

07-26-02, 09:46 PM
no fighting in the music forum.. we like different types of music what's new... but if we can handle a week of loud obnoxious punk bands right next to the asylum without killing someone(no matter how much we wanted to put them out of their misery) then we should be able to do anything ;)

07-26-02, 09:49 PM
LOL this is true candice so true

07-27-02, 04:30 AM
Like I said (and you said later), it's about opinions ;)

I never said you got off-topic. Just trying to derail a train before it hit the tracks ;)

I like what I've heard of both bands (which admittedly isn't much- I don't generally listen to a lot of music 'cause I'm too busy writing my own).

Just didn't want you to think I was trying to jump your case, Amber.