View Full Version : Where have our children gone?

07-09-02, 02:26 AM
Where Have Our Children Gone?

I sit here watching this empty playground where the children used to play.

Their tears and fears that might have been, still echo here today.

Spinning on the merry –go round Going round and round until they scream,

Are those children that will never be seen.

No more dreams, no more tears, no more screams, no more fears.

Around and around in my head, are those children that are lost.

America will hold its freedom to choose, no matter what the cost.

One by one we kill the next American generation.

The history books might someday compare this to the Nazi mutilation.

One by one we loose our mothers,
Our scientists,
And our maids.
Then there goes our cure for cancer, and later on even AIDS.

One by one the country dies
Our spirit and our souls: they cry