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07-08-02, 02:53 PM
Is anyone in the band at their school? If so, what do you play? you can tell me here or email me:angel:

07-09-02, 01:26 PM
I was in the concert band, but our school didn't have a marching band. I played the clarinet.

princess leah
07-09-02, 03:04 PM
me me me!! colorguard geek right here...

07-10-02, 01:33 AM
In 6th and half of 7th grade I played the Clarinet...

till i had a huge yelling match w/ the band director... :angel:

07-12-02, 05:11 AM
My marching band became the first band in state history to earn all superior ratings in competition in the school's first year of existence. We repeated the same feat the second year. However, my band director had a heart attack and had to retire. So the third year majorly stunk. The fourth year we got a better band director, and things did improve. However, I broke my foot and couldn't march at all that year.

Oh, and I played tuba.:D

07-12-02, 12:14 PM
I played tenor sax, plus I marched a couple of parades on trumpet while my sax was in the shop. Then I marched soprano in the Capital Regiment drum and bugle corps hornline in 1999.