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07-02-02, 07:30 PM
ok here it is. The Story as written by Me, Shawn and Misty. We had been awake since 4 in the morning, had no breakfast and were sompletely bored. I have been keeping my obtaining it secret.
ok for what I had written I will put by it a (K), Misty's parts will have a (M) and Shawn a (S). Simple enough eh?

(M) Don't kick me!!!
(K) *kicks Misty hard*
(M) I love you Cat!!
(K) suuuure you do
(S) nobody loves me
(K) I do!!
(M) well I don't
(K) she loves Tyson
(S) we allllll known THAT!
(M) Shut up!
(K) NO!
(S) Never!!
(M) well well FINE THEN!
(K) that was too easy
(S) she is such a cry baby
(M) I am betrayed
(K) Beware what you say the Flannel Avenger might get you (huh so I did bring you in....)
(S) yeah! with his [Shawn asked me what Flannel drives] Chevy!
(M) *grins* Chevy's are goooooddd.
(K) *Flannel walks over and whines* My truck ran out of gas...
(S) Misty go get some gas for him
(M) NO! *Shoves Cat towards the Chevron station* make her get it
(K) HEY! *Shawns hops on her trusty heifer and goes off towards the Chevron station*
(S) doo de doo de doo....GIDDY UP TRUSTY HEIFER!!!
(M) gee I hope nothing happens to Shawn...
(K) suddenly a band of natives from the tribe Moo kill Shawns cow and take her for the Princess of Cows
(S) here that Misty! I am princess of cows! *Misty in a rage goes to whine to Flannel*
(M) THEY TOOK HER AND NOT ME! (Flannel responds maybe if you go with them they will make you queen......)
(K) misty says Good Idea FLannel Avenger and goes off with the natives
(S) meanwhile the people in black kidnap Cat and try to kill her for siding with the people in white *note: ppl in black mean the Black Panthers ppl in white are the KKK*
(M) uh oh Cats in for it now....maybe she should her necklace...
(K) *hides her necklace and lies her way out of trouble and goes back to Nowhereville*
(S) Cat is safe for now....meanwhile Shawn tells the Moo people to go and get her a husband
(M) so they pick up Flannel
(K) but that doesnt help matters because of his girlfriend Shelly
(S) WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN CHEATING ON ME??she says to Flannel *slaps Flannel*
(M)*slaps Flannel* you should be ASHAMED!
(S) *is heartbroken* but then Ricky comes along and all is better*
(M) ha I wonder if he notices his truck is still out of gas....meanwhile Cat is kidnapped by Brett King of Chickens!
(S) But he is quickly killed before Cat is married off, by the people in white, but Cat is still the Queen of Chickens
(K) *sigh of relief* *goes to LSU and hides*
(M) ponders why Cat could possibly have left
(S) who cares?
(K) *evil grin*
(M) uh oh I feel an evil grin
(S) Misty then takes the position of Queen of Chickens annd reigns with Tyson (who is more than chicken..;);) )[that is in the story]
(K) Cat quite happy that she is no longer Chicken royalty goes off with Tony to be Queen of Tigers
(M) again who cares?
(S) I DO I DO!
(K) thankies Shawn :p @ Misty
(M) I do care Cat ....
(S)and we all lived happily ever after

oh yeah And Flannel and Shelly broke up....:( poor Flannel

(M) Tyson........
(S) oh brother
(S) nuthin
(K) :) the END AGAIN

ok I got this from a phone conversation just now. :p at FLannel. there you got it!

Flannel Avenger
07-02-02, 07:45 PM
That's it??

07-02-02, 07:49 PM
*shrugs* thats all they told me....
yeah Shawn says thats it.......It looks like it is all there. of course I didn't type the parts that would have been ......cut out for language....

um...you know it looks shorter even with the parts out....
Thats all I have gotten. OF course the two dipwad girls on the phone with me are laughing like maniacs.....:stinkeye: I dont think they read me the whole thing.

Flannel Avenger
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hm well I dont trust those two on the other end of the line but that is all I am getting from them today....THEY ARE STILL LAUGHING!!?!!?!?

Flannel Avenger
07-02-02, 08:00 PM
At me??

07-02-02, 08:02 PM
NoI don't think so....they wont tell me what and why they are laughing...:redhotmad :wah: meanies.......they have done somethingI dont know about ............

Flannel Avenger
07-02-02, 08:06 PM
We'll get them!!!

07-02-02, 08:10 PM

suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure we will *smiles nods simles nods smiles nods*