View Full Version : Writer Needs Feedback from Men & Women

07-01-02, 10:30 PM

I'm a Christian writer putting together data and opinions for an upcoming publication regarding Christian ******* from teenagers to adults of all ages. The primary question is this.... "How Do You as a Christian Single avoid Fornication?" Please be as specific as possible, give sample situations, and any scriptures that you may utilize when seeking the Lord for guidance. Also indicate if you contact a friend to talk to, if you belong to a *******' group, any information regarding how you maintain abstinence is crucial...Simply stated, be specific. Any length. Also, please indicate your FIRST NAME, AGE, STATE (Location), OCCUPATION and HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A CHRISTIAN? I hope to hear from YOU. Thank you and God Bless!

NOTE: If your comments are selected for the publication you will be contacted at a later day.