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06-23-02, 06:27 PM
I was watching a movie the other day about this epidemic that had swept America and and it turns out that the two people who got the disease first survived and had the antibody in there blood to cure and save alot of people from getting seriously ill or dying but the mother of the two girls (thats the two with the antibody) had to sacrifice her daughters in order for tons of people to live.Well in the movie they ended up working everything out.......
.......................now for the question:::::: ok what if someone were faced with a decision to live and let a ton of people die or that person die and a ton of people live.....would it be considered suicide to Jesus if someone chose to take his life to save a lot of people....its so confusing because thats what jesus did,he died and saved alot of people doing it.I'm confused about it will you help me???:confused: :umm:

06-23-02, 11:30 PM
Hello nicki
This was in the Ask cache but when I validated it it turned up here . I don't know how that happened.

First thing to remember is that that was fiction not fact. Fact is that if someone had antibodies to any disease in their blood only a relaitively small amount of blood would be needed to develop treatment as with the Ebola virus survivers whose blood produced the first known antibodies and treatmant for that disease. But let's look at other times when a person might sacrifice their life to save someone else like firefighters going into a burning building, or someone who tries to save a child that is drowning and drowns themself or a soldier who shieds his buddy with his own body so he takes the hit and not the other guy. This is not suicide as the intent is to save another life even if it costs the person's own life not to destroy themself. The intent is to give life or save life not to destroy life and presumably the person would not be doing it in rebellion against God.

Jesus was a very special case because He willingly came to earth in human form for the specific purpose of being a sacrifice for all our sins.

Hope that helps clarify it for you. Please post again anytime.