View Full Version : Any musicians here?

p i s t i s
06-21-02, 10:20 AM
What kind of stuff do you play?

06-21-02, 02:45 PM
Pistis - I am, and I play Ska style music.

Also, Avatarus, who posts on this board has a band. There's a thread on it, actually.. "Rictus"

If you're interested. :)

06-22-02, 02:36 AM
it's way too late for me to try to list everything... :) but yes I play

Chris B
06-24-02, 04:39 AM
yay, ska!

I don't know how to play any instruments... but I'll learn. Oh yes, I will. I think wind and brass have something to do with a length of a vibrating column of air. And with strings you pluck or rub them while changeing their length... and the produces different tones. I'm not quite sure on all the physics right now, though. Sometimes I drum on the table when I am listening to Five Iron Frenzy. And I learned Mary Had A Little Lamb on the recorder in 4th grade.

06-24-02, 05:06 AM
Si! Yo toco mucho!

(I hope I got that right.)

God bless,


Chris B
06-24-02, 05:15 AM
Um... Spanish I am not knowing, but I'll give it a shot...

Literally translated, "Si! Yo toco mucho!" means:

"Yes! I ____ a lot!" um... did you mean "taco"?... "I very taco!" perhaps? ok, i give up.

06-24-02, 08:01 PM
I play the clarinet, and guitar. I sing whatever's needed at the time. :)

07-04-02, 01:41 AM
i play piano & banjo.. piano i stick to classical pieces, sometimes some jazzy stuff... plus i love billy joel, i'll admit.. as for the banjo, i just play little stuff i make up when i'm just relaxing... i don't play anyone else's music just yet, but when i do it'll probably be folk & bluegrass

Ronda Smith
07-05-02, 03:18 PM
My Husband Larry, plays electric drums, my son, Cody,(9yrs old) plays guitar, and I play a Q-chord.
If you have never heard of a Q-Chord, it's like an up to date Omnichord, or an electric Autoharp with 100 instruments, and a lot more. We love to play and sing for our Lord!!

07-07-02, 01:59 AM
I play the piano, drums, guitar and bass. Music interests consist mainly of classical music (beethoven, chopin, bach, etc.) and heavy metal (Tourniquet, Metallica, In Flames)...

And as always... thank you for the band plug Mitsukai ;)... you're the best...


07-08-02, 01:54 AM
Lindsey says she plays the banjo, but ask her how to tune it ;)

I bought a dijeridoo last week at Cornerstone, so add that to my list- I can almost play it well, just have to get my breathing polished. Circle breathing is HARD to coordinate!

Making a complete list would be pointless. I DON'T play fiddle (or any bowed strings), flute, or oboe. I play all styles, except emo. Quit crying, emo kid!!! :rofl:

Actually, I kinda like emo. I just get bored after about 3 or 4 songs (except for Pedro the Lion, they were cool at C-stone). I'm more into ethnic-type music and straight-up rock.

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


07-08-02, 01:34 PM
I play french horn, tuba, trombone, baritone, trumpet, guitar, and best of all, bass guitar.

:angel: :cool: :cool: :angel:

07-08-02, 04:11 PM
Go to glassfactory.net. My name is Kevin. I play lead guitar for Glass Factory. We're a christian rock group from Louisiana. If you like us go to www.fogueradio.com on thursday nights at 10pm and request our music. It would really help us out. We're going to be on a compilation CD put out by Fogue Records and it will be distributed by Provident Distribution Group on September 1, 2002. :biggrin: Thanks and God Bless.


07-25-02, 12:47 PM
I play the drums in the Christian rapcore band Subtotal (hence the name). We're based out of NC and have played all across the southeast.

I'd love for you all to give us a listen and tell what you think. Links to our site and our mp3 site are in my signature.