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06-20-02, 06:12 PM
Sitting in her empty room she listened to gentle music. Something in the meoldy touched her soul, and cooled the hot tears which streamed down her face. She did not know if it was in the driving tympannies or the sweet, chirping flute, but whatever it was, it empowered her. In a song, she found herself. A small spark was ignited, and that started a fire, big enough for her heart to catch. Deep in the melody of a song lay her soul, her life and every fibre of her being. Through these notes, she was complete.
For nearly 4 whole minutes, she knew her destiny. But, as the lyrics faded, she knew she had to come back. Back to this world of sorrow. But every so often, when she has the chance, she'll escape into her dream world, found deep within the flowing melody of a song. And for those few, fleeting moments, she knows what it is to be happy.

~*Laura Danielle, 2002

06-20-02, 06:42 PM
I really like that. It basically just captures the feeling you get when you get really wrapped up in a song - good job!

06-30-02, 11:30 PM
very pretty Laura. So true either with a song or a good book, both I use as an escape. How true you did display me, when I am reading a good book or listening to my fav songs.
*gives thumbs up*
Good job