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06-19-02, 04:38 PM
I may or may not get blazed for doing this (all depends on whether or not Av checks this, and if he likes PA.) but a member on this board Avatarus has a GREAT band called Rictus.

http://www.livingcatalyst.com/rictus/mainpage.html <--- That's the band's website. I love 'em, anyway. :angel:

Chris B
06-24-02, 04:44 AM
ooh, that's a pretty nice looking site. The pictures of the drummer and the guitarist scared me. Which one is Avatarus? I wish I had a fastest Internet connection... or more patience... then I would download an mp3 and see if I like them. Which "kind" of music do they play?

Mitsukai, your signature is much too long.

06-24-02, 09:59 AM
:rofl: It's not one of the longest, babe. Get used to it.

They play metal. And Mark is Avatarus. (The drummer.. *LoL* He looks freaky.)