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06-18-02, 11:38 PM
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Note, this is not a pyramid. This is an idea that my father came up with.
What is the american dream? The most defined american dream that I have heard is to live on your own land, be free, and be wealthy.
Now, I do live own my own property, well, that of my parents' at the moment, but on "our" property. I'm free as I can be in this US of A.....and now all I need to work on is that "wealthy" bit.
Now I note that you get nothing in return, this is just to help out a fellow friend in the world. I ask that you send me a single dollar or less. Perhaps a pocket of spare change. Whatever you feel like giving to help. If you would like to give up and beyond a dollar, that's great. But most people can afford to toss roughly a buck in the mail and send it off, if not for this idea, simply because of the thought that was put into it.
I've heard that there are 280 Million americans. If you figure that there are only 100 million that have computers, and that there are one person to each computer that will send a dollar.. that's 100million dollars. But let's bring the chances down farther than that. Let's say only 1 in ten, no, one in every hundred sends a dollar. then that's $100K that I didnt have. I'm not sure if this will work, butwho knows, it can't hurt to try. Those were caluculation of just the US. would some outside the US give anything?
It's easy, find and envelope, toss in anythign you feel like giving, or have lying around, no guilt trip, this is all up to you. Toss it in, whether it be a dollar bill, or change. I can always convert it. I want to make it the easiest for you. in michelle's case, a dollar is only worth around .10 for me. Who cares, I thank her for the dime.
Address the envelope to

Aj "Jynxx" Gundersen
4026 Howard Gap Rd
Saluda, NC 28773

And also, I wonder what you think, might you post and let me know if you will, won't, and why you would or wouldn't.
Perhaps what I should change in how I've worded anything I've said. And as for everything, I'll answer any questions.

06-19-02, 05:58 PM
... Ummmm.....

Aren't you not supposed to mail money??

06-21-02, 12:08 AM
I'll accept Checks. ^_^