View Full Version : Ohhhh Music is my thing!!!!!

06-18-02, 12:19 AM

Every since I was little I sang all the time. I was called to sing even before I was born. I am in my youth choir at church. I absolutely love any kind of worship music. My all time favorite singer is Michael W. Smith He is the bomb. I like Amy Grants new cd.

Man if any of you like music you better im me.

06-22-02, 02:38 AM
welcome to the board, have a great time. sorry that Jason(orpheus) and I are not more talkative but we are both very busy this summer.

Chris B
06-24-02, 04:34 AM
Hi, I like music. It can get annoying sometimes, though... like when you are trying to think... or trying not to think... yeah. I like dc talk. Do any of the members in dc talk play instruments?