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06-17-02, 09:41 PM
Be My Mommy

Mommy, mommy why don't you want me?
At first you told me I was your beutiful baby,
That you'de love me forever, and someday
You'd hold me in your arms and rock me softly
Singing to me in a quiet way.
But then you found I was different,
Special in some sort of way.
As long as I was gone, everything would be okay.
Now I hear the doctor's footsteps, sounding down the hall.
Mommy, what are they doing, it hurts!
Save me Mommy, tell them to stop!
I would cry out if I could, but the sound just won't come out.
I can feel myself fading fast, why mommy?
I may be gone, but I'll be back in your dreams and fantasies.
Someday you'll wish you had me, and it'll be too late.
Mommy, why don't you let God do his job?
And you do yours,
Be my mommy.

06-17-02, 10:00 PM

06-18-02, 04:27 PM

kissez, that poem was amazingly effective. I totally agree with Nicole, I'm misted over right now. You have a wonderful talent.