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06-03-02, 08:12 PM

How many cars have driven.
How many more will go by.
In the rain.
In the sun.
It goes on.
How many people are pleased.
How many more lament.
In the rain.
In the sun.
It goes on.
How many joys have you caused.
How many more were aches.
In the rain.
In the sun.
It goes on.
How many days do you have.
How many more will you waste.
In the rain.
In the sun.
It goes on.


06-03-02, 08:17 PM
Who Holds the Wand

My mania is waged
When I lose my wand
This steering wheel if you will.
It infuriates when you take it.
When you use it.
For your own desires.
Knowing my rage is horrid,
I hide it.
I try.
Always shining your light on it
Finding it.
In all it's filthy,self-encrusted grime.
Once you have it, it is purged.
Shining clear silver.
Making ways where no way was.
Straightening paths that stood crooked.
If I were witful,
I'd leave it with you,
Not taking it back,
Dirtying it up again.
But I am not so smart afterall.


06-03-02, 08:21 PM
I don't think this one will go over well, but oh well. I tend to write dark poetry, so I am just warnin' ya....

no title

A bloodless body
With cold veins
As I read you my novel
A tale fo woe
Of confusion
You sit
You stare
At death
Eyes decaying behind rotten lids
I think I saw
A bug crawl in your ear
To eat my words
That have not penetrated
The wax and dust
That fills them
Speaking to the spiritless
Declaring to the defunct
Expressing to the inanimate
Comprehension begins
I am conversing with my reflection


06-03-02, 08:40 PM
I like to TRY to write poety especially dark freestyle. maybe one day i will post some.....after I find a few better ones. ;)

06-04-02, 01:19 AM
Well keep writing. Go ahead and post something, if anyone says anything mean I will kick their butts!!!

06-04-02, 12:44 PM
*lol* thankies I may post some later today...:D

06-05-02, 12:24 AM
Okay, that would be cool. And I'm serious, I will kick butt....:somad: