View Full Version : For Prayers Not Answered

05-30-02, 03:56 AM
Oh Lord, you hear my evey prayer
And answer them I know
But sometimes though it hurt me, Lord
I'm glad that you said no

Like a little child, Lord
I cried and tantrumed so
But you knew what I wanted
Would end up hurting me so

How I often see myself
In the eyes of a little child
Who wants to climb the fence so bad
He tantrums and he cries

But Father knows the pain and hurt
That lies behind the gate
And so He says 'My child, NO'
And tells His child to wait

As I look at my life today
I'm glad for answered prayer
But if you'd always let me have my way
I'd never have made it here

So I give thanks for prayers not answered
The way that I thought best
Because you do the answering
And you know what's best
I know I forever am blessed.

(c) Kristine Kruszelnicki

06-17-02, 02:53 AM
Kristine... gosh you are so talented in so many fields. I love this. Its so true.

I love this.