View Full Version : Cornerstone or Bust

05-27-02, 09:30 PM
Thats right gouls and gobblins Cornerstone 2002 is exactly 36 days away *loud cheering* So its now time to take an official poll of who is officially attending make the date of meet up so we can all chill at Cornerstone together.

ChristsGothChild, Yes I will be attending Cornerstone

05-28-02, 03:26 AM
aye, i say, aye!

05-28-02, 03:57 AM
count zechy and I in!

06-03-02, 02:04 PM
Heck, yeah! I'll be there, along with my band (Zacch's Tree) and the rest of my family!

06-04-02, 01:05 AM
I've now had work let me off for that whole week, my prof for my calc 2 class says it's ok for me to miss 2 lecture periods and exam 2 and I can make up the exam and I'm getting payed on Wen. Also Zechy is coming down and picking me up and we're driving up there together so it's all coming together. Now all I have left to do is make sure that it is all perfectly fine with my parents I've already mentioned it to them but they don't know that it's all final now. So yeah I'm pumped!!!

06-04-02, 01:06 AM
Oh yeah if anyone can get ahold of Jase tell him to email or call or get online so that I can talk to him!!!

06-12-02, 12:53 AM
so how many days left now?